WATCH: Presidential Traverse in 1 Day

Outside TV has a show where two family guys try to cram serious adventure into a weekend. It’s called “Beat Monday,” and on Episode Three, the guys head home to Boston and into the White Mountains, where they first cut their teeth. The mission is to complete the Presidential Traverse in a single day, taking in all 10 summits – including Mount Washington, where the strongest winds in American history have been recorded – before getting Jason back on a plane to make it home for his daughter’s 2nd birthday.

WATCH: Running the Great Range

The Great Range Trail in New York’s Adirondacks is one of the hardest day (or two-day) traverses anywhere in the country. The trail is 25 miles, summits 12 different mountains, and features a total elevation gain of roughly 10,000 feet. Trail runner Max Romey explored the trail in 2018 and documented his adventure in this […]

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WATCH: Losing Light

In the summer of 2020, ultrarunner Joe “Stringbean” McConaughy attempted to set a new Fastest Known Time on the Long Trail in Vermont. To set a new overall FKT, Stringbean would need to hike the 272-mile trail in under 4 days and 12 hours. Joe had already attempted to FKT the Long Trail in 2015, […]

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WATCH: Made to be Broken

Back in 2016, ultrarunner Karl Meltzer set a new Appalachian Trail speed record, covering the approximately 2,189-mile trail running from Maine to Georgia in 45 days 22 hours 38 minutes. That record has since been broken, but it’s still insanely impressive nonetheless. During his record-setting attempt, Meltzer maintained an average of approximately 46 miles per […]

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