I’ll never understand road runners; people who actually prefer the mind-numbing boredom of running on a flat, paved road. (Bleck!) I even know at least one sicko who almost always runs on a treadmill … even if it’s 70 degrees and sunny out. (Clearly, a psychopath.)  Trail runners like variety.Continue Reading

The Trail Animals Running Club’s ultra popular mid-winter race, the TARCtic Frozen Yeti, will open for registration on Thursday, October 26 at 7 p.m. The event features a 30-hour race and a 15-mile race that will take place overnight. The race is scheduled for February 3-4, 2024, with the followingContinue Reading

CTW Endurance has announced their Spring on the Trails event will take place March 23, 2024 in Lagrangeville, New York. This will be the fourth year of the event, which features a 12-hour, 6-hour, and 3-hour race. Participants will run on a 5K trail loop and attempt to complete asContinue Reading

The following are some of the trail and ultra events happening in the Northeast next month. Know of an upcoming event we should include? Tell us about it. People’s Park UltraPittsgrove, New JerseyApril 1 While this race is billed as having a “last person standing” format, there might be multipleContinue Reading

The Trail Running Film Festival is currently on tour and will be appearing at theaters around the Northeast this spring. This year’s festival features nine films that celebrate the sport and culture of trail running. Festival organizers say each location will have a unique local flair, as well as prizesContinue Reading

The Northeast is getting a brand new 100K. Ironwood Adventure Works recently announced they’ll hold a new 100K, the Great Hill Ultra, in New York’s Finger Lakes region this July. This point-to-point 62-mile trail race set for July 9 will cover a large section of the scenic Finger Lakes region.Continue Reading

When backyard ultras (a.k.a. last person standing races) debuted more than a decade ago, they were considered a wildly creative twist on traditional running races. Since then, race directors have continued their creative ways, putting their own unique spins on the format. One of those unique spins takes place inContinue Reading

There are two types of trail runners in this world: Those who when they hear the term “relentless vert” say “No way!” and run off in search of flat terrain; and then there are those lunatics who when they hear “relentless vert” say “Where do I sign up?” If you’reContinue Reading