#TrailsRoc’s Unique Spin on the Backyard Ultra

When backyard ultras (a.k.a. last person standing races) debuted more than a decade ago, they were considered a wildly creative twist on traditional running races. Since then, race directors have continued their creative ways, putting their own unique spins on the format.

One of those unique spins takes place in Rochester, New York on March 11 when #TrailsRoc hosts its Last Running Standing event … an event that could probably also be called The Incredibly Shrinking Race.

While traditional backyard ultras follow a loop course of a little over four miles to be completed every hour until only one racer remains, the race organizers with #TrailsRoc take a different approach.

The Last Runner Standing event will take place on a trail loop that is just one mile long. According to the website, runners will have 20 minutes to complete their first lap. The catch is each lap after that will have a shorter time limit.

This event is built not to last for days on end, like some backyard ultras do. If more than one runner is left after 25 laps, the 26th lap will be a one-lap race to determine the winner.

To learn more about this event, visit the #TrailsRoc website.