New Event: Plattekill Mountain Race in NY

There are two types of trail runners in this world: Those who when they hear the term “relentless vert” say “No way!” and run off in search of flat terrain; and then there are those lunatics who when they hear “relentless vert” say “Where do I sign up?”

If you’re the kind of twisted individual who is drawn to the idea of leg-burning, soul-sucking vertical pain, New York has a race for you.

The folks at CTW Endurance are unveling a new race this June that promises relentess vert, the Plattekill Mountain Race.

The race will take place June 4 at Plattekill Mountain in Roxbury, New York.

Race organizers say runners will traverse up, down and around the ski slopes and trails of Plattekill.

The course is expected to be roughly six to seven miles with between 3,500 and 4,000 feet of vertical gain.

Learn more about the Plattekill Mountain Race.