Gear: New Camelbak Vest & Electrolit Flavor

Camelbak Launches New Hydration Vest Collection and Running Challenge

CamelBak has unveiled a new line of running hydration vests that include the all-new Zephyr Pro Vest and Trail Run Vest, as well as the fully redesigned Circuit Vest.

These versatile new hydration vests blend technical elements such as a body-mapped design for comfort and stability, with features including lightweight, breathable materials, and advanced pocket configurations for performance and reliability in any running situation.

In addition to unveiling its new run vest collection, CamelBak also aims to inspire runners to get out and log some miles this spring through its inaugural All-Terrain Running Challenge. From March 1 to 28, CamelBak is inviting runners to hit the road or trail — regardless of pace, ability, or location — to log 60km (37.3 miles) on their Strava app and in return, will receive a 20%-off code from CamelBak as well as a digital badge for their personal trophy case.

“At CamelBak, we live for designing products that help people get outdoors to have great adventures, whether they are running an ultramarathon, discovering a new trail, or just enjoying nature at any pace they choose,” says Emma Axtell, hike and run product manager at CamelBak. “Trail running and endurance running, in general, has continued to grow in popularity as a great way to get outdoors and enjoy some exercise. We’re excited to not only bring three new feature-packed vest models to runners of all levels but also inspire them to lace up their shoes and kickstart the running season this March with our All-Terrain Running Challenge.”

Electrolit Launches Blue Raspberry Flavor

Hydration beverage Electrolit is launching a new flavor: Blue Raspberry.

Electrolit Blue Raspberry is the 14th addition to the global brand’s line of hydration beverages. Each 21 fl. oz serving of Electrolit contains 326 mg of electrolytes alongside real glucose.

Scientifically formulated with magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium and glucose, Electrolit provides complete hydration when electrolytes and ions are low to replenish the body. Electrolit can be purchased at Walmart, Kroger, HEB, 7-Eleven, Circle K and more, and through online channels.

“Blue Raspberry is a classic American flavor that is well-liked and regarded highly in the beverage industry,” said Jake Sloan, Sr. Marketing Director of Electrolit USA. “Pairing the universal love for Blue Raspberry with our scientifically-backed formula brings pharmaceutical-grade hydration to consumers while still tasting great. We hope this expansion of our line appeals to a wider audience of individuals seeking fast hydration and drives further innovation in the beverage industry.”